Make calls for MJ

Thank you so much for signing up to talk to Texans!

This toolkit will walk you through the process of using our virtual phonebanking system to talk to Texans about the upcoming primary. 

Phonebanking 101

1. Pick a spot to make calls

  • You can phonebank from your home, a coffee shop, a room in a community center, etc. You’ll want to make sure it has stable internet access, outlets to charge your laptop, and doesn’t have too much background noise (you want to be able to hear the voters!)

2. Click this link to get started

  • If you’ve never used OpenVPB before, you’ll need to create an ‘ActionID.’ Enter your information and choose a password you won’t forget.
  • If you’ve used Votebuilder (or Van, or MiniVAN) before, then you can just log in with your ActionID.

3. Join the virtual phone bank  

  • The OpenVPB page will show you the first voter you’ll be calling and provide you with the script you’ll be using.
  • For every question in the script that you ask, you’ll need to use the dropdown menu to mark their answers. This data is invaluable for the campaign, so don’t forget to click save before you move onto the next conversation.
  • We’re asking Texas Democrats if they’ll be supporting MJ. The point of these calls is to identify supporters, make sure they have the information they need to vote, and to build the grassroots infrastructure across Texas to help MJ win.

Phonebanking Tips

  • Be friendly and smile while you dial! Voters will be able to tell, and they’ll be more responsive if they can hear your enthusiasm.
  • Clear out distractions from your space! Make sure that you’re in a relatively quiet area, that you’re focused, and you aren’t bothered by any unnecessary interruptions
  • Practice the script a few times before you begin. It’s important to follow the questions, but also feel free to make it your own. Sharing your personal story and your own reasons for supporting MJ is a great way to connect with voters
  • Don’t get into arguments with voters — those conversations are not productive.
  • Find something to keep you motivated! Phonebanking is a lot of fun but sometimes you might spend time waiting for folks to pick up, so it’s always helpful to have something that keeps you inspired, whether that’s a picture, a quote, or MJ’s video running in the background.

Training & Materials

  • Script: Familiarize yourself with the script before you start making calls!
  • Slack Community: This is our resource hub if you have any questions!

By providing your cell phone number you consent to receive periodic campaign updates from MJ for Texas. Text HELP for help, STOP to end. Msg & Data rates may apply.


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