MJ on the issues: Criminal Justice Reform, Systemic Racism, Police Brutality

We need real and sustained systemic fixes to our criminal justice and policing system.

Our criminal justice system denies fair legal representation and equitable treatment under the law to all Americans. We must pass comprehensive criminal justice reforms to combat racial and economic disparities throughout the system, including ending racial profiling and stop & frisk, and eliminating profit incentives for unfair arrests and ticketing.

We must also ensure that the outcomes of legal cases are not predicated on the legal representation people can afford or their skin color.

I support police reform solutions detailed in Campaign Zero, including ending for-profit policing practices, ensuring police departments are part of and representative of their communities, and that officers work closely with community members and organizations.

The private prison industry continues to profit from mass incarceration, the immigration crisis on our border, and historic policies of racial injustice. PACs and executives of private detention companies have contributed over $90,000 to John Cornyn’s campaign. As senator, I will work to end the federal government’s practice of contracting with for-profit detention companies.

After centuries of injustice, we have so much work to do. For too long that work has fallen on those harmed by our system — especially Black Americans. We must all step up to protect the rights of each and every American and enact the reforms needed to do it.

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